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Produttori di bobine PPGI e bobine in acciaio preverniciato in Vietnam

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The demand for steel in Vietnam bounced back in the middle of 2023. According to the Vietnam Steel Association, the steel industry experienced growth of 1 to 2 percent. The increase is accompanied by the growth of Vietnam’s gross domestic product, which increased from 6.47 to 6.83 percent. Let’s take a look at prepainted steel coil in Vietnam.

List of PPGI Coil Manufacturers Vietnam


Indirizzo: 8th Floor, Luxury Park View Building Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

CCN Vietnam has over ten years of experience in the manufacturing and global trade of steel, iron, and industrial products. They source raw materials from partners in Vietnam, Japan, India, and China. CCN has regular customers across the Asian region.

CCN manufactures prepainted galvanized steel coils according to JIS, EN, and ASTM standards. These coils have a grade of SGCC: DX51D, S250GD, DX52D, DX53D, S280GD, S320GD, and S350GD.

The coils have a primer (PU/Epoxy) coating of 5um, with a top coating of 15 to 20um and a back coating of 5 to 12um. They come in a thickness of 0.15mm to 1.2mm and a width of 900 to 1250mm.


Indirizzo: No.41 Street 37, Van Phuc City, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

MRS Steel is a 100 percent Vietnamese company that exports premium steel products across Southeast Asia, the USA, the EU, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and Australia. It has over twelve years of experience in steel trading.  It has built connections with reputable factories.  

MRS Steel’s warehouse has a wide array of prepainted galvalume and galvanized steel coils. The manufacturing of steel coils follows international product standards, such as JIS G3322, JIS G3312, ASTM A755/A755M, BS EN 10169, and AS 2728. 

The coil weight is 10 tons, with a tensile strength of 270 N/mm and a base metal thickness of 0.25 to 1.25mm. It has 3T flexibility with 2H pencil hardness.

Società per azioni Nam Kim Steel

Indirizzo: Lot A1, Đ2 Street, Dong An 2 Industrial Park, Thu Dau Mot City, (Binh Duong), Vietnam

Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company (Tôn Nam Kim) is a leading steel manufacturer in Vietnam. Their factory has a production capacity of 180,000 tons of prepainted steel coils. They use imported equipment and raw materials from renowned international suppliers.

Tôn Nam Kim follows world standards in their production of prepainted steel coils, such as ASTM, JIS, EN, AS, and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The coil thickness is 0.25 to 1.20 mm, with a width of 914 to 1250mm. The coils come in RAL colors with a painting thickness of 15/5 microns to 30/20 microns. They use paint from Becker, PPG, and KCC. The coils weigh 2 to 12 tons.

Saigon Steel Company

Indirizzo: No.5 Rd.4A, Bien Hoa IZ II,Long Binh Tan Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Saigon Steel Company began its operation on December 7, 1996. In 1997, they began construction of their production facility and company. In 2016, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary. In 2019, its new raw material warehouse was established.

SSC has a wide array of prepainted steel coils that come in thicknesses ranging from 0.14 to 1.5mm. Other thickness specifications are also available.

These coils have a standard width of 1000mm to 1200mm, with special specifications of 914mm and 1250mm. The coil weight ranges from 3 to 5 tons. 

Southern Steel Sheet Co. Ltd. (SSSC) 

Indirizzo: Road # 9, Bien Hoa I Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Viet Nam

Southern Steel Sheet Co. Ltd. (SSSC) began on June 9, 1995, as a manufacturer of galvanized steel sheet and prepainted color steel sheet. 

It is a joint venture between Vietnam Steel Corporation and its global partners, FIW Steel Sdn. Bhd and Sumitomo Corporation.

Factory 1 has CGL and CCL production capacities of 100,000 tpy and 70,000 tpy, respectively. Their Factory II has a GI-GL and CCL capacity of 150,000 tpy and 100,000 tpy, respectively.

SSSC’s prepainted steel coils have a thickness of 0.16 to 2.00mm and a width of 1250mm. The coil weight is 10 tons, with a coil inner diameter of 508mm. The painting film thickness is 6 ÷ 30µm.

My Viet Trading and Industries Company, LTD

Indirizzo: No. 46 Bich Cau, Quoc Tu Giam Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

My Viet Trading and Industries Company is among Vietnam’s pioneering steel manufacturers. It began its operation in 1994 with over twenty-five years of experience in construction. They manufacture prepainted steel coils according to TCVN, ASTM A792, ASTM A755, and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

My Viet Trading manufactures Olympic color-plated cold steel sheets in coils in their two modern factories in Pho Noi A Industrial Park. These types of steel coils are aesthetically appealing as they come in chic designs, colors, and models.

The coils went through a hot dip aluminum-zinc process with several layers of coating, making them resistant to corrosion, rusting, weathering, and pressure. 

Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company (SUNSCO)

Indirizzo: DT743 Road, Dong Tac Quarter, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An City, (Binh Duong Province), Viet Nam

Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company is Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of steel coils and pipes. The company has 100 percent foreign capital, with its investors being Japanese companies. Their factory and headquarters are in Binh Duong province. 

SUNSCO manufactures steel products according to global standards, such as ASTM, SNI, SIRIM, AS, API, and BS. Their prepainted hot-dip (55%) Al-Zn steel coils (PPGL) are in thicknesses of 0.20 to 1.2mm with a width of 915, 1200, and 1219mm.

They have a paint top coating of 18 ~ 28µm and back coatings of 18 ~ 20µm and 5 ~ 15µm. They are in accordance with SUNCOLOR55, JIS G 3322, and MS 2383 standards.

GTS Steel Pacific Ltd

Indirizzo: 2B NTMK Street, (Dakao Ward), District 1, HCM City, Vietnam

Established in 2014, GTS Steel Pacific Ltd. is a trading company that serves as a sales representative for the best steel manufacturers in China and Vietnam. Since then, it has established relationships with leading steel mills across Vietnam to supply low-priced, quality steel products. 

GTS warehouse has a capacity of 350,000 metric tons of steel products per year. It has a large stock of HRC, GI, GL, PPGI, and PPGL that follow the ASTM, ISO, AS, BS EN, and JIS standards.

Their prepainted galvalume steel coils (PPGL) have a thickness of 0.2 ÷ 1.2 mm with a width range of 600÷1250mm. The coil weight is 10 tons with a diameter of 508 mm.  

Tôn Tân Phước Khanh

Indirizzo: Khu Công Nghiệp Phú Mỹ 1, Phường Phú Mỹ, Đường Ấp Mỹ Tân, ThànhThị Xã, Tân Thành, Vietnam

TAN PHUOC KHANH is a manufacturing and trading joint stock company that specializes in coil steel. In 2007, the company expanded its production to over 100,000 metric tons at its factory in Phu My. It has an annual capacity of 220,000 metric tons of cold-rolled, galvanized, and prepainted steel coils.

TAN PHUOC KHANHN uses Emass and OF technology to produce their TPK-PPALZINC steel products. They follow the standards of JIS, AS, ASTM, and AS in producing them.

These colored steel coils offer high resistance to corrosion and weathering. The coils have an additive layer covering and a primer paint layer before coating them with the final paint. 

Vina One Steel Manufacturing Corporation

Indirizzo: Voi La hamlet, Long Hiep commune, Ben Luc district, (Long An Province), Vietnam

Vina One Steel began its operation in 2002 as a manufacturer and distributor of steel pipes, steel tubes, and coated steel sheets in coils for various applications. Its production facility lies on a 200,000-square-meter area with a production capacity of 1,200,000 metric tons per year.

Vina One takes pride in its premium and durable PPGL steel coils that follow the standards of MS 2383, AS/ZS 2728, ASTM A755/A755M, and BS EN10169. These coils have a paint coating from the RAL color chart. They are in thicknesses of 0.16 to 1.20mm with a width of 914 to 1250mm.

These coils have high resistance to scratches, oxidation, corrosion, and weathering.


Have you chosen the best steel coil manufacturers in Vietnam? We recommend TAN PHUOC KHANH. It manufactures and trades steel coils and steel products at its factory with a capacity of over 100,000 per year. They use EMASS and OF technology in producing their products and follow international standards, such as JIS, AS, ASTM, and AS.

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